Trail Consulting

Building adaptive trail trust and community relationships

Ethan Kurger Riding the Spine Adaptive Mountain Biking Trail - Rosemary BC

Is your new adaptive trail, actually an adaptive mountain biking trail?

Building and adaptive trail isn’t always as simple as making things a bit wider. Building adaptive mountain biking technical trails, technical features and flow trails, all require a slight rethink. Making sure the nuances of adaptive trail development are considered and implemented are key to having a truly inclusive trail.

Having the support of Kootenay Adaptive goes a long way in assuring public or private land holders and organizations funding your adaptive trails that you are confidently and accurately building what you have planned.

Here’s what having the KASA “stamp” of approval gets you:

Confident Sponsors. A report to funders/granting agencies, outlining our approval of your work.
Landowner Assurance. We will work with you to assure the public or private landholders, that the trails you build, are exactly what was outlined in your project plan. (section 57 BC)
Project Support. Adaptive mountain biking trails break barriers to inclusion in mountain biking for so many individuals on two or more wheels. Grow your own cycling communities by building progressive aMTB trails, with the help and expertise of Kootenay Adaptive.

Do you have a trail that might make the adaptive standard?

Many trails out there are already accessible to adaptive mountain bikers and that’s why we are developing tools for you to check yourself and see what adjustments will make your network more inclusive.

We can also come to you and assess your network as well. It’s not every day you get to build a new trail, so let us assess our stock for you!