The Flannel Panel

Flannel Panel Shirt

The #flannelpanel was born during the 2018 Western Mountain Biking Advocacy Symposium, in North Vancouver. After receiving a humorous call out from a fellow presenter, it was decided that all presenters speaking on the Adaptive Mountain Biking Panel would be clad in flannel henceforth.

Flannel Panel on Tour

We have been fortunate enough to have been invited to speak at a number of amazing events in the last year, including; The Western Mountain Biking Advocacy Symposium in North Vancouver BC, The International Physical Literacy Conference in Winnipeg Manitoba and the Recreation Facilities Association of BC Annual Conference in Harrison Hot Springs BC. This Fall we have two up coming conferences to present at in Europe; First is the International Physical Literacy Conference in Umea Sweden and the second is the European Outdoor Education Network at IT Tralee in Ireland.


Mike Riediger | Executive Director for Kootenay Adaptive Sport Association

Alex Marshall | Trail Manager for Nakusp and Area Bike Society

Elladee Brown | MTB Legend and Hero to us at KASA

Mathew Trotter | Owner at Ride Hub

Ethan Krueger | Maybe our favourite aMTB rider

Janis Neufeld | CFO/Project Manager for Kootenay Adaptive Sport Association

Marnie Abbott Peter | Wheelchair Basketball Legend

Gerry Crane | Research Analyst for Kootenay Adaptive Sport Association

Adrian Alphonso | Director at IMBA Canada

Tanelle Bolt | Founder of Rad Society

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