Kootenay Adaptive | Response to COVID-19

Bikes sit empty, the world holds its breath. This is not the space we, at Kootenay Adaptive, imagined ourselves being in when our 2020 project started in January. Staff, in Programming and Infrastructure, have been working very hard to roll our 2020 projects ahead of the global pandemic. We now find ourselves in a seasonContinue reading “Kootenay Adaptive | Response to COVID-19”

The Road to Collaboration | Part 1

As the biking season edges ever closer to its end, we were lucky enough to take a quick trip to Calgary to meet with Christian Bagg at Bowhead Corp and see first hand the production of these game changing accessibility machines. On the return trip we spent the night at Nipika Resort, just outside theContinue reading “The Road to Collaboration | Part 1”

Adaptive Trek || “What IF?”

On July 2nd Executive Director Mike Riediger, along with Tanelle Bolt of Rad Society and Ethan Krueger embarked on a journey that took them from Revelstoke, BC to Nelson, BC, by way of Crank and Paddle. This adventure is part of a documentary short which will explore the idea of “What If”. This theme wasContinue reading “Adaptive Trek || “What IF?””

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining us! Welcome to a new year and a giant leap forward for Kootenay Adaptive Sport Society. In December 2018, Kootenay Sufferfest Society (KSS) began its transition into Kootenay Adaptive Sport Society. After a very successful year in Adaptive sport in 2018, KSS has been leading the way forward in Adaptive Mountain Biking; from theContinue reading “The Journey Begins”