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We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience.

Mike Riediger Adaptive Mountain Biking Instructor Trainer


Mike – Principal Instructor and KASA CEO

Starting in 2018, Mike has helped build Kootenay Adaptive from an ambitious idea, into a global leader in an emerging sport and recreation sector. Mike and his team have had their hands in many of the foundational aspects of adapted mountain biking, such as; Instructor Training through the BICP, Trail Guidelines, Sport and more. Mike is based in Nakusp BC, but you can find him bringing resources across North America and Beyond.

Mike is available for Instruction, Coaching, Athlete Development, Education, Trail analysis and Sport Development in the Kootenays and by request in any other location.

Email me: mike@kootenayadaptive.com

Sierra Roth Adaptive Mountain Biking Instructor

Vancouver Island and South Coast

Sierra – aMTB Coach KASA/FLOW

Sierra made her KASA debut at the inaugural FLOW Retreat in 2022. Sierra supports others living with disabilities in becoming physically active through the Active Living Alliance for Canadians/The Steadward Centre as a Youth Coordinator and is a Movement Specialist at Ocean Rehab and Fitness.

In 2021, she hopped on the Bowhead Reach and competed in the first ever Adapted Mountain Bike category at the Dunbar Summer Series. Realizing how much freedom she has found in her love of movement and getting outdoors, she hopes to help others build confidence in doing the same, both on and off the trails, with Kootenay Adaptive.

Sierra is available for Instruction, Coaching, Guiding, Strength and Conditioning, Injury Prevention and more.

Email me: flow@kootenayadaptive.com

Cam Lochhead Adaptive Mtb


CAM – aMTB Instructor and KASA Staff

Cam has been with Kootenay Adaptive since 2021. In the same year, Cam joined the Silverstar Bike Park team and competed in the first ever sanctioned aMTB category at the Dunbar Summer Series.

Cam is available for Instruction, Guiding and support in the Okanagan Region.

Email me: hello@kootenayadaptive.com

portrait of adaptive mountain biker ethan kreuger

Lower Mainland and South Coast

Ethan – aMTB Instructor and KASA Director

Ethan is a BC Legend in the adaptive mountain biking community. Riding in the Lower Mainland before adaptive trails were a thing and paving the way for our involvement in adaptive mountain biking. Ethan Joined the KASA board in 2021 and completed his level 1 aMTB Instructor Certification the same year.

Ethan is available for Instruction, Guiding and rider Support.

Email me: ethan@kootenayadaptive.com

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