Adaptive Mountain Biker in the West Kootenays
Adaptive Mountain Biking in the West Kootenays

skills instruction, coaching and personalized rider development.

Skills Instruction

Are you new to Adaptive Mountain Biking or are you looking to polish up a few riding skills? This service is for anyone looking to improve their riding at the beginner to advanced levels.

Adaptive mountain bike coach taking video of adaptive rider

Rider Development

From day one on the gravel, to mountain high and competition we are there to help you achieve your adaptive mountain biking goals.

Adaptive Mountain Biking Coach with student, at Kootenay Adaptive

Private Instruction

If you’re looking to develop certain skills, find out your own road blocks and solve bad habits? This service is for you.

Great organization that will go above and beyond to ensure you have a great time enjoying the places you never thought you would get a chance to experience again..

— Michelle

WOW! Thank you KASA for such a great adventure on the Myra Canyon Rail Trail in the e-assist XCR Sport-On bike. We fought through rain and gale force winds which made our experience even more exciting! Thank you for the passion and dedication of you and your team members, providing this service and support to access & inclusion to outdoor adventures for everyone!

— Sonja