What is Adaptive Mountain Biking?

What is Adaptive Mountain Biking? Adaptive Mountain Biking (aMTB) encompasses a broad range of events and riders who typically cannot ride a standard mountain bike and require adapted equipment, instruction and or trails to suit their physical, intellectual, neurological and sensory abilities. – adapted from Break the Boundary

There are varying adaptive mountain bikes available around the world, each designed to meet a riders specific need. Readily established adaptive equipment includes: handcycles, recumbent leg-cycles, bucket Bikes and tandem bikes. There are also many other types of adaptations, that allow riders to modify standard mountain bikes.

At Kootenay Adaptive, we believe in access to the outdoors, whether by inclusive trail design to allow for traditional 3 wheeled adaptive mountain bikes or by advancements in cycling technology.

Want to learn more about adaptive mountain bikes or give one a demo? Be sure to visit our rental page or contact us for more information.

” Sky Captain” at Mt Abriel, in Nakusp BC

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