About Us

The Kootenay Sufferfest Society was a non-profit organization that was established in 2010 with the mission to inspire and promote physical activity, support economic development through recreation tourism, develop and maintain recreation infrastructure and enhance participation in local sport clubs.  Through evolution of their events and a strategic goal of becoming more inclusive, in 2018 Kootenay Sufferfest Society became Kootenay Adaptive Sport Association (KASA). The transition was prompted by the expansion and growth seen through inclusive events encouraging racers of all ages, stages and abilities.  It was determined that taking a more inclusive approach was the ultimate way to promote physical activity for all.

Recognizing the need and market potential for adaptable trails, the Nakusp and area Bike Society, North Slocan Trails Society and Revelstoke Cycling Association have all constructed trails that are specifically designed to meet the needs of adaptive cyclists, families, seniors and anyone looking to explore recreational opportunities.  This unique concentration of accessible and inclusive infrastructure has attracted the attention of the local mountain biking community and beyond. Mt. Abriel (Nakusp) in conjunction with the surrounding trails has the potential to become a global destination for diverse ability athletes.

Following a 2018 research, feasibility and capacity building project supported by the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction, KASA has determined there is global market potential and has already garnered interest and enthusiasm from diverse ability athletes.  A successful 2018 aMTB camp and additional support from the Ministry for 2019 has allowed KASA to move forward to realize their vision and mission for 2019 and beyond.


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