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Man Riding Adaptive Bike Through Trails

Bikes sit empty, the world holds its breath.

This is not the space we, at Kootenay Adaptive, imagined ourselves being in when our 2020 project started in January. Staff, in Programming and Infrastructure, have been working very hard to roll our 2020 projects ahead of the global pandemic. We now find ourselves in a season of re-evaluation and planning. We are formally postponing all events up to and including April 10.2020. All rentals in this period are effectively cancelled until we can re-evaluate the current situation.


Rolling with the punches is never easy, but when it comes to staff and participant safety, we take this current crisis very seriously. We work with populations who are more vulnerable than most to the novel coronavirus. We have not cancelled any of our 2020 events series, but rather postponed to different dates in the summer and fall. The preparation and excitement that has gone into these events is still within us and we look forward to bringing them to you, just at another time.


Stay with us for further updates, engage with us on social media and write a review! While staff are putting some events on pause, we are still busy pushing this sport forward in every single way and engaging with our amazing partners.

Thank you for your continued support, we can’t wait to serve you in our rental programs and event series this year. Once preventative measures have passed, we will be back in action.

Kootenay Adaptive Sport Association | Sr. Management

Mike Riediger | Janis Neufeld

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