Galena Trail Update

New Denver and Slocan Lake

Weather, the story of any mountain project. This Fall has been a nerve wracking experience for the crew and management of the Galena Trail Project. Falling Temperatures and Concrete do not mix and thanks to our hard working staff and a crew of volunteers, the footings were ready to go just in time. A huge thank you goes out to KASA staff and our 5 amazing volunteers who put in a lot of hard work to get this done before the frost set in.

Local photographer Jesse Schpakowski joined the crew for our second help day, as High Terrain Helicopters expertly placed steel I-Beams for the bridge structure. Due to the location of this project, Helier drops have been key to the success of this project, eliminating a strenuous amount of labour and making the move to the site safer for our staff.

Having extra seats in the helicopter has been a great way for Kootenay Adaptive to say thank you to our supporters and outstanding community members and on Heli Day 2, we were joined by Kimberly Joines. Kim is a 2 time IPC Sit Skiing Champion, 22 time IPC World Cup winner and 2 time Paralympic Bronze Medalist. A West Kootenay local, spending time between Rossland and Rosebery, she can be found on one of the best Adaptive Mountain Bike trails around, the Spine Trail in Rosebery.

With Winter quickly approaching and the weather dependant milestones in the ground, the crew is on track for completion this December. Check back for updates on the trail and official wrap up dates. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more.

2 thoughts on “Galena Trail Update

  1. Hi there,
    That was a great piece of boardwalk KASA installed! Along with safety railings along steep drop-offs, it makes the trail much safer for all, including rides with our grandchildren.

    I was hoping to find an update on the reopened(?) cable car crossing!

    Keith V.
    Lake Country BC

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